About Us


The Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience (OPDR) is a coalition of public, private, and professional organizations working collectively with graduate students and University of Oregon faculty toward the mission of creating a disaster resilient and sustainable state.

Developed by the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement (formerly the Community Service Center) at the University of Oregon, OPDR utilizes a service learning model to provide natural hazard planning assistance to communities throughout Oregon. Our program demonstrates how increased communication, coordination and collaboration between diverse partners can assist communities in reducing their risk from natural hazards.

Our Mission

Create a disaster resilient state.

Our Goals

  • Promote the importance of holistic, enterprise-wide all-hazards approaches to emergency management.
  • Provide applied research and technical resources to enhance enterprise-wide emergency management programs.
  • Support the development, update and implementation of plans, strategies and projects that prevent injuries and death, property damage and economic loss caused by natural hazards.
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration among individuals, organizations and agencies concerned with reducing damage caused by natural hazards.
  • Provide the next generation of community and organizational leaders with service learning opportunities in the emergency management field.
  • Document and disseminate innovative success stories and best practices to the greater emergency and hazards management community.

Our Strategic Plan

OPDR is an ongoing multi-year process aimed at developing strategies and providing Oregon with a more holistic and effective approach for addressing the problem of community risk from natural hazards, rather than only addressing the incremental consequences of disasters.

Updated in January 2010, OPDRs strategic plan documents the baseline of activities that currently exist in Oregon, as well as the perceived level of risk. The vision of the strategic plan is illustrated through goals and actions that support the showcase state core elements. The strategies identified for implementation, monitoring, and evaluation ensure success of the identified action items and serve as methods to enhance communication and coordination among showcase state partners and community partners.

Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015  >>>

Our Beginnings